Cute and unique items for Mama & little ones!

Mainely Baby Boutique is based out of the state of Maine!

I have always loved to craft and create throughout my whole life, and once I became a Mom I had a brand new area of discovery to make in the craft world; the world of sweet, cute, and cuddly baby items!

I realized as I started making adorable handmade items for my daughter, that I really enjoyed the adventure that creating something I had never made before gave me. As my confidence in my creative skills grew, and more people began to ask where something cute my baby happened to be wearing was from (and I could happily reply: me!), the dream to open my own Etsy Shop was born.

I truly enjoy what I do and put my heart into every item I hand make in my store. I hope you find something you love in my shop for your little one, or a little one who is dear to you! I appreciate your business and hope you continue to return and check out my latest creations (as I'm always diving into some new project or another!).

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my small business!

- Lindsay

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